Mother Board
ASUS CUBX-E Socket 370
ATX Mother Board


  • Category: Celeron / Pentium III Socket 370 ATX Mother Board
  • Brand: ASUS
  • Part Number:
    • CUBX-E Rev 1.01
  • Overview:
    • Socket: Socket 370 for Intel Celeron / Pentium III CPU
    • Memory Slot: 4x PC100 SDRAM
    • Detail Spec.: Please refer to manufacturer's website
  • Package Contains:
    • Mother Board
    • IO Shield
    • Optional items (Free with purchase of Mother Board, not covered by warranty, should not be a reason for return or refund of the purchased item.)
      • CMOS Battery
      • Pentium III CPU 850MHz
      • Intel CPU Cooling Fan
      • 2x PC100 SDRAM (128Mb + 256Mb)
  • Condition: Used, may have signs of cosmetic wears and signs of use.
  • Packaging: Non-retail packaging, in unprinted box or plastic bag.
  • For use with or pulled from: (for reference only)
    • Pulled from working machine (last testing date: 07/03/2018)
    • List of Serial Numbers available (or sold) for this item: MS2123062 (with Pentium III CPU SL4MC 850/256/100/1.7V sn 7043A065).