System Slot Cooler, System Blower
System Exhauster, PC Slot Cyclone Blower, Case Bracket Ventilator

Spire CF401B UV Reactive Blue
Model: Cyclone Blower Spire CF401B
System Slot Cooler
System Blower
System Exhauster
PC Slot Cyclone Blower
Case "Bracket" ventilator

Bringing a welcome splash of color, not to mention performance to your PC the UV reactive Exhauster is a great addition to our range of UV products that already includes many of our CPU Coolers.

The UV Reactive Exhauster is equipped with a ball bearing fan guaranteed for 50,000 life hours, this 80x80x25mm blower fan pushes 31.73 CFM at 2,500 rpm and is barely audible at 25dBA. A quiet, affordable and appealing solution to keeping your computer cool.

Main Features:
Exhausts the hot air out of the computer case
> Simply fitted in any PCI slot in the PC case
> Silent operation at just 25.0dBA
Available in blue and green

Overall Dimension: 111.2 x 90.4 x 21.6 mm
Fan Dimension: 80 x 80 x 25 mm
Rated Voltage:
12.0 V
Rated Current: 0.15 A
Power: 1.80 Watt(s)
Speed: 2500 RPM +/- 10%
Air Flow: 31.73 CFM
Noise Level: 25.0 dBA
Air Pressure: 7.62 mm-H2O
Sleeve Bearing
Weight: 65 g